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Male jewelry jewelry sex revolution

When the "emerging middle class" men gradually grabbed the dominance of fashion consumption, the purse - men - jewelry jewelry between the three relationship is no longer a simple image of association. For the male jewelry market, the industry seems to have not given enough full understanding. In the focus on the traditional market competition, the male jewelry market by the industry intentionally or unintentionally ignored, or simply no time to take into account, and even the industry suspects whether the real formation of male jewelry market. However, one can not ignore the fact that those who are known as the "emerging middle class" of a group of men in the purse day abundance also grabbed the dominance of fashion consumption. At this time, purse - men - jewelry jewelry between the three is no longer just a simple image of association.

As long as there is a demand there will be a market,replica van cleef alhambra jewelry the concept of the barrier sooner or later will be destroyed by the power of real demand.

The consumption potential of male jewelry should never be ignored, the domestic male jewelry market demand is gradually formed.

With the rise of the middle class, more and more men are beginning to pay attention to their "face" problem. Men's quality of life to improve a clear sign is to start emphasizing the quality of life, clothing, perfume and other items also began to demand from the type to the details of the elegant and refined direction.

This is the beginning of the change from the concept of consumption, from another point of view of the male jewelry market formation of the actual basis. replica van cleef & arpels necklace A few years ago the men into the beauty salon to do beauty is almost unimaginable things, and now specifically for men to serve more and more beauty salons. In the mall, men's special perfume, skin care products sales gradually see good. It is understood that the current domestic men's cosmetics market share has reached 400 million yuan, the relevant departments are expected four or five years after the share of up to 40 billion yuan, the growth rate is very fast.

Domestic male groups on the jewelry products, consumer interest, mostly due to the understanding of diamonds. According to De Beers's survey, 67% Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover bracelet of men in the 30- to 44-year-old Chinese want to have diamonds; 69% of men think that diamonds are expensive but worth having; 63% of men think diamonds are personal Taste the best expression; and 43% of people think that diamond is a symbol of success.

In addition, 51% of men want to buy diamonds, and there are many men have entered the purchase process. At the same time, a rough market survey shows that men's consumer varieties to square diamond and platinum ring ring-based, which is currently on the market can be named the mainstream of men's jewelry title.

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Louis Vuitton fashion spring charm accessories

Women no matter how old, always in their own hearts to leave a small position, save childhood dreams, although you probably do not remember how much you have to listen to the fairy tale in the monotonous plot, but grew up in the choice of jewelry , cartier jewelry But always can not help but choose some fairy tale will appear in the code, crown, apple, mushroom, cross ... ..., the more lovely style is more pleasing, jewelry itself is valuable material and in line with market value, is not Buy the most important point, and it can evoke the girls maternal innocence, only with the gas is essential.


    Crown Totem in the past few years can be said that the jewelry industry's popular, although this two-year skull pattern of the sudden emergence of the strange, fake Cartier jewelry very strange girls love, but strictly speaking, the crown pattern is still the size of the brand at home and abroad the most Love to use the pattern, recalled in recent years has participated in the wedding banquet, how many women in almost a lifetime feast in the head of the cute little crown debut, leaving the memory of eternal life, to know how girls have longed for a much attention Little princess! Vivienne Westwood 07 fake cartier juste un clou bracelet spring and summer jewelry, you can achieve all the female princess dream, the brand signs Saturn code, pearl refining the two elements are still in, plus a lovely little crown side of the embellishment, sweet dream The atmosphere immediately infinitely extended, coupled with a small extravagant style, sweetheart girls who can not obediently offer money?

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Tahitian pearl to send you a charming aura

Every woman is an angel. Angels and halo together, is the perfect combination.

     When the Tahitian pearl delicate luster against the background of your soft skin, unpredictable colors lit your tender and beautiful face, knockoff hermes jewelry moisturizing light filled with your refined temperament. Every woman can not refuse this heavenly charm of the aura.

    Unite the extraordinary colors, only for you allure smile. replica hermes kelly double tour bracelet Tahitian pearls for every fall into the mortal angel presented the most shining halo `` `` ``

    Golay Gyration series: the ocean in the vortex


    Switzerland famous jewelry brand Golay, launched a dazzling Gyration series. Designed with a rounded Tahitian pearl as the center, representing the boundless ocean, fake Hermes clic clac h bracelet surrounded by a symbol of the waves of the platinum ring - ring flashing bright diamonds, especially in the waves in the free floating dust. Modern women elegant noble, independent moving temperament, inadvertently lap in a circle of white waves exudation!

     Golay "Gyration" Jewelry Set: Tahitian Pearl White Gold Diamond Pendant; Tahitian Pearl White Gold Diamond Earrings; Tahitian Pearl White Gold Diamond Ring.

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The king returned to the gorgeous huge earrings again popular

Gorgeous huge earrings will be a comprehensive return this summer, they have an exclamation style style, brilliant but not vulgar, but also allow women to the reality of the recession thrown into the clouds.

The next moment, the trend to throw you with a bizarre big earrings strung up the lifeline, so you can not stop.... And that came the voice of the ear, whether it is relieved sigh, or ZacPosen2009 spring and summer in the morning of the conference, imitation van cleef clover jewelry numerous huge accessories in a pair of chandelier shape earrings friction shoulder issued by the rustle?

There is no doubt that the extreme feminine and eye-catching long pendant earrings have returned, which is an urgent need for an accessories - to wear it, it seems to be able to temporarily forget those melancholy depression reality.

According to VickySarge, a member of the EricksonBeamon, a member of the New York jewelery design group, the economic downturn is not only an unprecedented focus on building their own "capsule wardrobe" (capsule wardrobe, 1970) Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover necklace by the British Susie Faux put forward the concept that women Wardrobe only need a small amount but the texture is good and easy to match the clothing), to make everyone re-use the old clothes from the bottom of the box; the same time, it also triggered a resurgence of personalized jewelry. "Women's accessories lack of personality has been a lot of years, and now the jewelry has finally moved toward a more humorous design trend, wearing jewelry has become interesting." As for the popular elements of earrings, Sarge that the absolute size More than ever before, but they are more beautiful and delicate; style from the traditional shape of chandelier earrings evolved into a more modern style, drape-shaped earrings will be more popular than the ring earrings.

Sarge eyes, this summer's popular accessories will have at least two characteristics: gorgeous rich colors and a strong national wind. In fact, as early as last October in the spring and summer 2009 fashion conference, it has been filled with these elements. Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover bracelet Such as Chanel to Gypsy style accessories to reflect Miss Chanel Bohemia side; Galliano Dior full of tribal style; and Louis Vuitton show field, the models are more to the new elegant Bauhaus style barbarian image appearance, with The traditional Creole tribal earrings made with giant fan-shaped pieces of rivets or roller coasters in general.

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BVLGARI Bvlgari bride wedding ring new products

From 1884, BVLGARI Bvlgari as the Italian treasures jewelry brand has gone through 125 years time. In the special year of celebration of the 125th anniversary of Bvlgari, Bvlgari BVLGARI looks back to the splendid history and returns to the Italian tradition, giving birth to the Dedicata a Venezia to the Venice series. This series of 1503 diamond engagement wedding ring will lead us to explore the origin of the sacred letter in the wedding, let us look back to 1503 fake Hermes clic clac h bracelet Italy Venice, focus on the world's first diamond ring mysterious come out.

    BvLGARI Bvlgari Bride Wedding Ring Dedicata a Venezia to Venice series of rich style, a single main diamond and diamonds through different types of cutting process after the diamond presents a bright long lasting glory, mosaic in the unique style of the ring On, filling the beauty of the world.

1503 Platinum Rings, inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds, specifications for the 0.3 karats to 2.5 karats

1503 Platinum Rings,replica cartier love bracelet  inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds, specifications for the 0.3 karats to 2.5 karats

Giudecca series of platinum rings, inlaid round bright cut diamonds, specifications for the 0.3 carat to 2.5 karats and dense diamond

Torcello series of platinum rings, knockoff cartier nail bracelet inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds, specifications for the 0.3 karats to 1.5 karats

Corona series of platinum necklaces, rings, earrings

BVLGARI Griffe series diamond ring is the Bvlgari bride engagement ring elegant example

Marryme series platinum ring, inlaid round bright cut diamonds (specifications for the 0.2 carat to 2 kt)

BVLGARI Fedi Marriage Ring, 18K White Gold and Gold Inlaid Diamond Style